Going Green  EcoDesign2007
5th International Symposium on
Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing
Intergration of social system design, business strategies,
and technologies by the EcoDesign approach under the global energy crisis era
December 10-13, 2007 in Tokyo, Japan
organized by the Union of EcoDesigners, Japan, under the unified subtitle “Going Green”



Main topics of the symposium include the following categories.Among others, 5th EcoDesign Symposium set a special theme; Innovation for Sustainable Energy Society. Presentations related to thistheme are strongly encouraged.

EcoDesign symposium expects presentations on both of practical case studies and novel theories. And the symposium covers wide variety of subjects: not only electric and electrical products but also various products (including automobiles, heavy machines, machine tools, furniture, etc.), buildings, and urban infrastructure, and society.There are also organized sessions intending to cover special interest.

ST) Innovation for Sustainable Energy Society [Special Theme]
Proposal of new energy system and concept toward sustainable energy society

OS1)"Design of Sustainable Society driven by eco industrial technologies"
(in cooperation with RISS, Osaka University)

Key words: Vision and Roadmap, Urban Design, Energy Efficiency,Institutional Design,Global Resource Circulation, Asia
OS2)"Circular Distribution Manufacturing of EEE as a part of Circular Economic System in China" (in cooperation with JST-RISTEX)
Key words:Circular Economy, Inverse Distribution, Electric and Electronic Equipments,WEEE, Recycling, Value Creation, Economic Disparity
OS3)"Design from Nature for the Next-Generation Sustainable Society"
Key words: Biomimetics, Design, Development of Process and technologies by biomimetics,
Biomimetic-Materials, Products
1) EcoDesign of Social System and Business
Design, evaluation, and management of social systems so as to change them the social system into the sustainable society
2) Environmentally Conscious Products and Services
Development, design, and evaluation of environmentally conscious products & services

3) Environmentally Conscious Elemental Technologies and

Process Technologies
Development of elemental technologies and process technologies for reduction of the environmental load