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Submission of Full Paper
Individuals whose abstract has been accepted should submit 2 to 6 page manuscript (Word and PDF files (2 files)) through the submission page below during the period from July 15 to September 22 (23:59 at Japan Standard Time (GMT+9)), 2011. The papers that are not submitted by the due date will not be included in the EcoDesign2011 Proceedings.

Those who have not completed conference registration and payment cannot submit the full paper at the submission page. The registration and payment can be done at the submission page.

EcoDesign2011 Proceedings will be published by Springer. (Please see "Proceedings" for more details.) Consent to Publish Form needs to be uploaded to the paper submission system while uploading the full papers.  Please print out the form below, sign it, scan it, and upload it. If you want to send it by fax or by postal mail, please contact the EcoDesign2011 Secretariat by email. Please notice that a paper will not be included in the Proceedings unless signed Consent to Publish Form is uploaded by September 22.

Consent to Publish Form

Down-load consent to publish form

Manuscript guideline (2 to 6 pages in Word- and PDF-format)
Down-load a format sample (guideline)

 - Fonts that require non-English language support are not allowed
 - The file should not have any password protection

For any inquiry regarding paper submission, please feel free to contact the secretariat by e-mail at your earliest convenience.

Full Paper Submission

Financial support for young researchers from Asian countries (This application has already been closed.)
Please note that financial support is available to young researchers from Asian countries, by courtesy of The Japan World Exposition 1970 Commemorative Fund (JEC FUND). Please see "Special Features" for details.

Submission of Abstracts (Closed)
Submission of abstract should be made through the following submission system.

Abstract Submission (Closed)

Deadline of Abstracts is 23:59 of April 30May 31, 2011, Japan Standard Time (GMT+9)(Extended)
Abstract should be no more than 500 words.
It should explain the subject, originality, and relevance to EcoDesign2011.
All abstracts will be reviewed. Notification of acceptance will be made in late June, 2011 by e-mail.

Authors of the articles being accepted are required to sign the Copyright Transfer form when they submit the full papers.

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