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General Session

Global Issues in EcoDesign

e.g., Supply chain green products of multinational companies, Region- and country-specific aspects of EcoDesign, International EcoDesign, Global reverse logistics

Social Perspectives in EcoDesign

e.g., Sustainable society vision and scenario, Environmental ethics, Environmental education, Human aspects in environmental management, Social life cycle assessment, Social impact of emerging technologies, Green innovation strategy

Economics of EcoDesign

e.g., Environmental economics, Material flow cost accounting, Economic impacts of environmental regulations, Input-Output analysis

Policy, Regulation, and Economic Incentives

e.g., Standards for EcoDesign, Carbon footprint, 3R legislation, Eco-label, Producer responsibilities, Energy related products directive, Substance bans, Environmental tax, Emission trading

EcoDesign of Products, Services, and their Life Cycles

e.g., Development of environmentally conscious products & services, Life cycle design, Evaluation and case study of EcoDesign, SME’ s EcoDesign, End-of-life (EOL) strategy, Standards for EOL, Life cycle assessment (LCA), Life cycle costing (LCC), Product Service Systems (PSS) , Service engineering, Eco-business design, Life cycle management, Closed-loop supply chain management

Energy Saving and New Energy Technologies

e.g., Energy management system, Energy conservation, Energy-efficient products and practice, Electric vehicles, Renewable energy, Photovoltaic technology, Advanced storage battery technology

3R Technologies

e.g., Recycling and disassembly technologies, Remanufacturing technologies, Maintenance engineering, Packaging and material technologies for reducing environmental load, RFID and other identification systems

Sustainable Manufacturing

e.g., Cleaner production systems, Green MEMS, Environmentally friendly microfabrication processes, Industrial ecology

International Resource Recycling

e.g., Resource scarcity problem, Transnational end-of-life product flow, Informal recycling in developing countries, Connection between EcoDesign and resource recycling, Vision and strategy for international resource recycling

Design for Sustainable Consumption and Practices

e.g., Social acceptance of EcoDesign products and services, Environmental consumer behavior, Green marketing, Sustainability through offering value to consumers, Sustainable life styles, Persuasive technologies in EcoDesign, Possibilities and limits of sustainable consumption

Sustainable Social Infrastructure Systems

e.g., Green city, Green building, Green ICT, Energy saving data center, Smart grid, Sensor-network for environmental monitoring system, Intelligent transportation systems

Organized SessionOrganizer


International cooperation on Type I eco-labeling (Keijiro Masui, AIST, Japan)


Green telecommunication (Jiro Nakamura, NTT, Japan)


Operations management (Kenichi Nakashima, Kanagawa Univ., Japan)


Green monitoring of environment for management of society (Ryutaro Maeda, AIST, Japan)


Designing sustainable society (Yasushi Umeda, Osaka Univ., Japan)


Stimulating Eco-Innovation by promoting Meso-level research project (Center of Environmental Innovation for Sustainability, Osaka Univ., Japan)


Public private partnerships for succesfull ecodesign research (Mattias Lindahl & Olof Hjelm, Linkoping Univ., Sweden)


Inverse Manufacturing: past, now, and future (tentative) (Fumihiko Kimura, Hosei Univ., Japan; Inverse Manufacturing Forum, Japan)


Epistemology and higher education related to postmodern engineering science (Harald Otto, Universta Politecnica delle Marche, Italy)


Zero-CO2 Emission Society (Keiichi Ishihara, Kyoto Univ., Japan)


Micro & Efficient manufacturing (Nozomu Mishima, AIST, Japan)


Exergy Design (Yoshinori Hisazumi, Osaka Univ., Japan)


Emerging Technology (Masatsugu Shimomura, WPI-AIMR, Tohoku University, Japan)

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