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Holding EcoDesign 2021 online!

In light of continued uncertainty surrounding the future of COVID-19 and worldwide travel restrictions, the organizing committee has decided to move EcoDesign 2021 online. All the sessions will be going virtual (online presentations in real-time and partially on-demand). The registration fee has also been changed for the online format.

There is no change in the original symposium schedule (December 1st to 3rd in 2021), while the start time of the sessions will be rescheduled for after 15:00 in Japan time (after 6:00 UTC).

About EcoDesign symposium

Since the first International Symposium on Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing (EcoDesign1999), this symposium has led the research and practices of environmentally conscious design of products, services, manufacturing systems, supply chain, consumption, economics and society. Amidst ongoing advancement of technologies and changes in social needs, the circumstances surrounding EcoDesign are continuously progressing.

The purpose of EcoDesign symposium is to bring together worldwide professionals interested in advancing the state of the art in Eco-Design for exchanging knowledge that encompasses a broad range of disciplines among various distinct communities. In the symposiums, the latest issues on Eco-Design have been discussed. Professionals from industry, research laboratories, consulting, government, and academia are encouraged to attend.

12th International Symposium on Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing (EcoDesign2021) is cooperating with the following “Going Green” partner international conferences.


EcoDesign2021 Secretariat

E-Mail: ecodesign2021_secretariat@ecodenet.com